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Ans, Rita, Toos, Hermance, Marjolet, Anneke aus Eindhoven, Nederland schrieb am 21 Juni 2013 um 12:47:
17-21 juni 2013
Met dezelfde vriendinnen uit 2010 kwamen wij bij Olga, Maurits en Dief in 2013 weer op de 4 Vaargetijden.
In 4 dagen beleefden wij 4 jaargetijden...!!!
De zorgen en de hartelijke ontvangst zijn weer onvergetelijk!
Ans, Rita, Toos, Hermance, Marjolet, Anneke
John and Roslyn Steel aus Victoria, Australia schrieb am 13 Juni 2013 um 12:47:
13th June 2013
Dear Olga and Maurits,
A wonderful experience, quite different from our expectations, so welcoming and the Barge was so comfortable, and the meals so enjoyable.
Thank you very much.
John and Roslyn Steel
Gillian & Alan Eastley aus Knowlton, Québec, Canada schrieb am 3 Juni 2013 um 12:47:
May 24th - June 3rd

Down quiet canals we softly glide.
A gentle, peaceful calming ride.
Birds sing, squawk, cry.
Cyclists pass by. Trees rustle, sway,
and line our way.
Waves glisten, shine.....
This live is a rhyme
of sheer delight,
from dawn to night.


There is a ship's captain, Maurits.
Who goes into forty-five fits.
When asked for more cheese
Even if we say, "Please"!
He won't get a job at the Ritz!


Deef, the noble, brave and hairy,
Defends the ship from all that's scary.
Dog and mistress are united,
Obedient, caring, and devoted.
Through sun and rain and stormy weather,
They fetch the bread and walk together.
A partnership to envy this.....
That we could feel such trust and bliss.


Olga rules with quiet precision.
Every competent decision:
The healthy food and timely snacks,
The information, books and maps,
Enrich our day
And ease our way,
So when we moor,
Set foot on shore,
And wander free.....
We've lot's to see ....
Town, church, Gross-Markt ....
On our return to where we're parked
The ship is warm.
The beer is cool
Maurits perches on his stool
He twirls the wheel
And tells tall tales
Who knows what's real!
The evening meal
Will follow soon,
With wine and cheerful conversation
Three courses
Each with care presented
Holland and Belgium are represented
well with this great combination
Maurits and Olga


Very many thanks for a wonderful holiday!
Gillian & Alan Eastley
Erik + Marlène aus MBeemster Holland schrieb am 10 Mai 2013 um 14:45:
al voor de 3e keer meegevaren
3 keer = scheepsrecht
maar er komt nog wel een 4e keer....
Erik + Marlène
Steve & Elizabeth Segrest aus Panama City, Florida USA schrieb am 3 Mai 2013 um 14:45:
26 April - 3 May
Olga and Maurits,
What a great experience. We arrived as strangers and we departed as friends.
Maurits, your wit kept us on our toes trying to decide if you were serious or not.
Olga's cooking was extraordinary.
Your hospitality made the entire trip comfortable and most enjoyable.
Of course Dief was such a great companion to all of us.
We hate to leave and will miss you all.
Steve & Elizabeth Segrest
Marie & Darrell Vice aus Panama City, Florida USA schrieb am 3 Mai 2013 um 14:45:
22 April - 3 May
Olga & Maurits & especially DIEF
Marie and I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the barge cruise. It has more than met our expectations. The food was outstanding, the fellowship exceptional, the service extraordinary, we do not want to leave. In fact Marie wants to become part of the crew. We feel so fortunate that skip & Sharon invited us to join their group. Maurits, you are a very fortunate man, a great life style, a lovely companion with a very pleasant, caring and helpful demeanour, and she can cook. Last but not least, we greatly enjoyed Dief, a well behaved and playful pet. Thank you so much for everything!
Marie & Darrell Vice
Skip and Sharon Warrell aus Panama City, Florida USA schrieb am 3 Mai 2013 um 14:45:
Thanks once again for a wonderful trip. I can't believe this is our 4th vacation with you and we are already planning for our 5th in 2014. You always manage to cover every detail, despite having to deal with some demanding crazy Americans. Thanks for everything, we look forward to the locks tour next fall. Continued good health till next time!
Skip and Sharon Warrell
Larry & Eve Mixon aus Panama City Beach, Florida USA schrieb am 3 Mai 2013 um 14:45:
Maurits and Olga
What a wonderful, fantastic time we had on your boat. Everything was perfect. Beautiful scenery, food, people!
We hope to do it again!
See you again soon!!
Larry & Eve Mixon
Elma aus Nederland schrieb am 19 April 2013 um 14:35:
Beste Olga en Maurits

Een vakantiereis met de boot, wat geweldig!

Veel jeugdherinneringen kwamen weer boven, de vaardagen konden mij niet lang genoeg duren.

Ook iedere dag genoten van fietsen en/of wandelen en musea bezoek.

De geweldige verzorging en heerlijke maaltijden waren Toppie!

Dit was op De 4 Vaargetijden de eerste reis, maar hopelijk komen er nog meer.

Olga en Maurits wens jullie behouden vaart en tot ziens.

Lieve groet van Elma.
Ona aus België schrieb am 19 April 2013 um 14:35:
Woorden schieten mij tekort om jullie te bedanken voor de liefdevolle zorgen.
Liefs Ona en kusjes voor Dief
Joke aus Nederland schrieb am 19 April 2013 um 14:35:
Bedankt voor de gezellige week. Het varen vond ik toch leuk, al was de eerste dag lang. Het eten was lekker en eigenlijk veel te veel.
Groetjes Joke.
Riet & Arie aus Nederland schrieb am 19 April 2013 um 14:35:
De Vogeltocht was voor ons echt even los van alle rompslomp. Gedachten op nul, fietsend en/of wandelend genietende van varen, de natuur, de watergebieden met eenden en vogels.
Daarnaast het fantastisch eten en de gastvrijheid van Olga, Maurits en Dief.
Bedankt voor dit alles.
Groeten Arie en Riet.
Ron Nethercott aus Australia schrieb am 12 September 2012 um 05:33:
Dear Olga & Maurits,
With my sincere appreciation of your warm hospitality and conviviality + tolerance for endless questions.
I would gladly turn around now + do it all again!
Shirley & Ian aus Australia schrieb am 11 September 2012 um 05:40:
Dear Olga and Maurits
We cannot thank you enough for your warmth, hospitality and knowledge freely imparted. Not only that but your nursing care of our sick ones. The quality of our Belgian fare was excellent and the help with maps and suggestions for our rides made our trip really satisfying. Our ten days was just right with a balance of exercise and relaxation. Dief's company was appreciated and we learned more about Scottish sheep dogs than we had known before.
Liz Gray, for Ian & Shirley, Bill & Mary, Ron & Sharon, Liz & Rick ( & Robin + Libby) aus Australia schrieb am 11 September 2012 um 05:40:
In der 4 vaargetijden
came 8-10 Australians.
Maurits & Olga were the best
of host, and we were all impressed.
(Now we know how Belgians eat,
+ some know beer they says a treat)
They showed us some lovely places.
Dief the collie kept eyes on all,
as we saw summer turn to fall.
This 4 seasons sailing boat
we all vote the best afloat!
Sharon Anderson aus Australia schrieb am 11 September 2012 um 05:40:
My sincere thanks to Olga & Maurits for a really beautiful holiday. Their care and attention to our every need was wonderful. The Belgian food was cooked to perfection in a lovely family style- Delicious. Their warmth and friendliness was just lovely and very much appreciated. The boat was terrific - so well designed to cater for every need.
Thank-you so very much.
Esther, Uffe, Jette, Torben, Anne, Frits aus Denmark schrieb am 6 Juli 2012 um 05:36:
29. June - 6. July 2012
Dear Olga & Mauritz,
As the first Danish guests on "the four seasons" we want to thank you for a wonderful week - We had rain, but only when we were not cycling!We were hungry, but only until we were back under Olga's wings! We have been tired, but only till we saw the oat in the distance after a long day on the wheels!
Our special favourite (*), the Christmas salad, was delicious. And we LOVED your salads, what a taste! We really wanted to try some local food - and we did!
Most of all, feeling like a family was the best experience of this vacation, where we got a new positive impression of Belgium and especially of you.

(*) except Torben
Groep Lemaire: Guy, Serge, Gilbert, Gerda, Andre, Magda, Josée, Ann schrieb am 29 Juni 2012 um 05:33:
Fraulein Olga und Herr Mauritz.
We hebben enorm genoten van ons verblijf op jullie boot, het was een echte openbaring....
Henk en Ans Leijenaar-Boskemper aus Heiloo Nederland schrieb am 22 Juni 2012 um 05:30:
De 4 Vaargetijden - Sluizentocht - 15 t/m 22 juni 2013

Voor Olga en Maurits

Zon wat wind en weinig regen,
het was een perfecte week.
Goed gezelschap, lekker eten
en als extra: Dief, de hond.

Alle sluizen doorgevaren,
af en toe eens even "land"
Veel gezien en ook gelezen,
zo'n vakantie,dus bedankt!
Jolanda en Ruud schrieb am 21 Juni 2012 um 05:36:
21 juni 2012 (langste dag)
Een hele week gevaren, door sluizen gekomen en veel gezien.
Nooit gedacht dat er zo'n variëteit in sluizen zou zitten. Door Maurits veel te weten gekomen over de binnenvaart en wat er zoal van belang is op het water en ernaast. En daarnaast hebben ons thuis gevoeld, verwend zelfs.
M'n scoot op en af en voorzien van voldoende stroom. De magen steeds kostelijk gevuld doordat de kookkunsten van Olga boven het gemiddelde niveau uitstegen, ver zelfs. Alle tijd tussendoor om een muts te breien en een streng te spinnen. Een hobby heb ik dus al, nu Ruud nog. Deze week allerlei tips ontvangen maar het begint geloof ik bij ruimte scheppen. Als het wat wordt dan horen jullie het.
Met dank voor de klapper: de taart met 25 jaar erop!