De 4 Vaargetijden - Noty discovers snowy Ardennes

Noty discovers snowy Ardennes

My first snow!

Snow is delicious

Recently we went for a walk with my poodle friends. Immediately we found it colder than we thought. Good pass to stay warm! That helped a bit, but the sky got a threatening color. And yes, something white, cold and wet fell out of the sky. Now I’m not a fan of a big temper. Then I’d rather take shelter. Surely there’s no sensible dog who wants to walk on? This white stuff was even worse: it stuck to my skin although I shook myself as hard as I could. And boss Olga? She was laughing! “That’s snow Noty! You’re almost 3 years old and you don’t know snow yet. It’s time to change that!”

Kerk in de sneeuw

And she kept her word. A few days later we drove about 2.5 hours southeast. At first I remembered the road: that is about the same road we cruise from Oudenaarde to Maasmechelen. Only after Liège we continued south. Also the landscape started to change. At first there were only white spots to be seen here and there in the shade. Quite a bit of frost, don’t you think? But soon we swayed higher and higher and the whole landscape became whiter and whiter. At a nice church the engine goes off and I am allowed to get out.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. But my paws are cold! A close look, a taste,…refreshing and tasty! Oh so, this is snow now?

Ice King

We went to a house on the hill and there I saw our walking friend. Oh Itchy, let’s do some racing to get warm? And that’s how I’m getting on my nose for the first time, because that white stuff is slippery. But fortunately also soft and so we played on. Until the icicles were hanging from my moustache.

This was just the beginning. I got 4 shoes on my paws, to keep the ice off between my toes. A weird feeling at my feet, though. Testing if I could still run like this. Luckily I could!

And so we went out to Snow Land. Sometimes the snow got up to my nose and even over my boss’s knees. That was laughing! But also tiring to walk in. Almost like in loose sand.

It went up quite a bit, too. Especially our people ran out of breath every now and then! That was immediately a good excuse to enjoy the beautiful white landscape and take lots of pictures. Of course I know a forest, but this is very different. Everything is so white that I sometimes closed my eyes for a moment. Not so smart of course, because soon I ran into such a white branch. Immediately a whole load of snow thundered over me. Of course boss Olga was laughing again!

Bumped into a branch

I smelled game tracks too, but they were buried deep under that load of snow. Yet all of a sudden we saw a deer! Oh how I’d like to go there…. but I couldn’t. The deer need their energy to find food and stay warm, my boss Olga said. And so I stayed nicely with her…

A little further there were deep tire tracks. This allowed me to run for a while. The snow splashed under my legs and sootsch…. I just went down. Besides white, cold and beautiful, it was also slippery… and I lay nicely on my nose. Learned something again!

Tire tracks in the snow

After a few hours of plodding, enjoying and stepping in that white landscape, the sun went to bed. It was about time to end the walk and say goodbye to the landscape. I was allowed to take off my shoes and I got a good portion of food. While our people were warming themselves to a steaming bowl of soup, I crawled a little closer to Itchy. When will we meet again?


Time to get back to the car and drive home. But my eyes were closing. Snow is very tiring!

You beardie on the spot,