De 4 Vaargetijden - B: Locks tour

B: Locks tour

On this tour you will explore locks in all sizes! The ship”s elevators of Thieu are real unesco monuments. The inclined plane of Ronquières is a marvellous piece of work too. Going up plus 70m, together with the barge en everything, in less than 15 minutes is the sensational highlight of this tour! Tournai, with its 100 towers and 1000 bells, and Oudenaarde, with the historical wall carpets, give this tour the necessary cultural touch. A beautifil bike ride along the canal at Blaton will surprise you with a visit at the castle of Beloeil, with its French gardens. The green region Hainaut will provide you with breathtaking landscapes. Do you like to pair biking with barging? On this tour you will need some map reading skills, because signposted bike routes are scarce. The hilly landscape will by times also be challenging for the untrained bikers.
  • Friday:   Welcome on board in Oudenaarde, this wonderful city was a mediaeval centre of textile manufacture
  • Saturday: downstream to Antoing, ancient cement production sites and a roman Tomb
  • Sunday: Thieu, famous for the old and the new boat lifts on the canal du centre
  • Monday:       Thieu, we pass the elevator and continue to the inclined slope of Ronquières
  • Tuesday:      Blaton, visit the “stair” of locks and/or theBeloeilcastle
  • Wednesday: downstream the river Scheldt to Tournai, the oldest city inBelgium
  • Thursday:     Continue over theScheldtriver to Oudenaarde for a city visit or Ename, where an archaeological site and a nice museum await you
  • Friday:   return to Oudenaarde, Goodbyes after a healthy breakfast around 10AM
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