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M: Flandres Fields Special tour

The region close to the Northsea coast is known for the overwhelming WW I & II monument. The charming village-cities are worth a visit. On this tour you will get the chance to explore this region in combination with the cultural highlights of Ghent and Bruges. You will be surprised by the  monuments of Oudenaarde and the beauty of the castle Ooidonk. After all those esplorations you will enjoy the wonderful river Old Leie and view pituresque landscapes from your deck chair. Are you a beer-lover? Mark this tour for brewery visits and a lot of sample occasions! Do you like to combine bike rides with barging? On this tour you will find mostly flat country side, but the wind is mostly omnipresent too.
  • fr: Oudenaarde welcome ca 19.00, beautiful mediaeval city, known for wall carpets
  • sa: Ghent make a reconnaissance with this cultural highlight
  • su: Bruges the Venice from the North, a mediaeval city worth seeing
  • mo: Nieuwpoort biggest yacht harbour at the North Sea
  • tu: Veurne historical town in the West-Flanders
  • we: Diksmuide town on the river Ijzer with a vivid W.W.1 history
  • th: Bruges mediaeval city worth seeing twice
  • fr: Leerne Visit the garden of castle Ooidonk and cruise the winding, romantic, river Leie.
  • sa: Oudenaarde cultural city and visit also archaeological Ename
  • su: Oudenaarde goodbye ca 10.00
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