De 4 Vaargetijden - Booking per cabin

Booking per cabin

2023 Schedule for bookings per cabin:


28/04-05/05BirdsWeek starting from Oudenaarde
22/05-26/05EMidweek starting from Oudenaarde
26/05-02/06Beer*Week from Oudenaarde to Bruges
02/06-09/06Relax*Week from Bruges to Oudenaarde
09/06-18/06M10 days trip starting from Oudenaarde
23/06-30/06CWeek starting from Oudenaarde
03/07-07/07EMidweek starting from Oudenaarde
21/07-30/07B+10 days trip starting from Oudenaarde
18/08-27/08B+10 days trip starting from Oudenaarde
08/09-15/09SpecialWeek starting from Oudenaarde
29/09-08/10Relax+10 days trip from Oudenaarde

*Return to starting point not included


All routes described in the schedule above are open for individual booking. You can choose for double or single occupancy of the cabin. Our planning is based on the situation in October 2022. It is possible that we have to change these routes during the year 2023.  Always check with us to see if there are any changes in these routes.


Catering starts around 19.00 on the first night on board with the welcome dinner, and stops after breakfast around 10.00 on the day of disembarkation, or after diner on Sunday around 21.00 for the weekends

Bed & Breakfast

During the winter period it is possible to book a cabin with breakfast. “De 4 Vaargetijden” is moored in the city centre of Oudenaarde. Within 30 minutes you travel to Ghent & Bruges! Price: 85 €/per cabin, breakfast included.