De 4 Vaargetijden - What's in the ship's belly?

What's in the ship's belly?


I’ll tell you, because promise is guilt. Come on, let’s take a look downstairs!

The staircase

Yeah, Dief & I may as well come downstairs. Unless there’s food on the table, because then we’ll fly up without a pardon.
The stairs are the same as in an ordinary house, with sturdy railings (but I don’t need those!). Right on the left is a card corner where it can be very cosy with a game or a place to quietly write postcards. In this corner especially Dief often finds some rest.


Lees- of speelhoekje

Reading or game corner

The minibar

Right next to it is something very important. At least for the guests, because even though I’m in my “teens” now, I don’t find this very interesting. It’s a fridge full of beers, wines and soft drinks, with some sweets too. Only people cookies and chocolate, too bad!


De salon

the living room

The living room

In the living room there are comfortable seats… …again just for the guests! Sometimes Maurits sits in one of those seats and he has such a big lap that I have permission to sit with him… That’s sweet enjoyment…


De buik van het schip...

The belley of the ship…

And then on the right… a very important part of the ship: the dining table! You could say that this is the real belly of the ship… or at least the place to fill all the bellies. Only Dief and I get our food served upstairs in our crate. It’s the same for us almost every day, whereas the food for the guests really smells different every time. They also say it’s very tasty. Well!


De kombuis

The galley

The galley

In the galley (that’s the kitchen!) all the goodies are prepared for everyone: the guests, our owners and also for Dief and me. And it is forbidden area for everyone! Those of the guests who dare to cross the doorstep, will have to do the dishes! Watch out, because I have a strict boss …
Hola! It’s quite a story again… But this time I won’t let you get hungry. I’ll also tell you about the cabins.



Kajuit #4

Cabin #4

The 4 cabins

Between the living room and the anchor is a corridor with 4 cabins. These are bedrooms for the guests. No playground for both ship’s dogs. I sneaked out there when I was little. It is very boring: in every cabin there are 2 beds and lockers everywhere. Next to them is a bathroom with a toilet (for people!), a washbasin and a shower. Who will voluntarily take a shower on their vacation? Definitely not me!
Luckily there is also a staircase that brings you back on deck. There you can see the landscape sliding by and all the interesting smells are coming towards you. So let those guys down there sleep. On deck is “the place to be”!




Uw gids!

Your guide!

And that concludes the tour… don’t forget your guide!

Unless there’s anything else you’d like to know about my life on board?
Maybe what we do all day? Whether we get seasick? Whether we can actually swim?
Just ask! If I can free myself from my busy activities here on board, I’ll crawl into my pen… who knows?

Noty's pootje



PS Would you like to stay in my house sometime?

Then check here to see if you can find a suitable trip! I like to give you a real paw…