De 4 Vaargetijden - Meals


we offer full- and half-board arrangements.

Full board.

  • Breakfast: different types of bread, muesli and cornflakes, milk and yoghurt, cheese, sliced sausage, marmalade, egg, coffee, tea and juices.
  • Lunch: different types of bread, different toppings for bread, some daily special like a salad / a quiche / some fish or a soup, Coffee, tea, milk, mineral water.
  • Diner: a three-course meal with a starter or soup, meat or fish, two different types of vegetables, salad and a desert. Joined with some refreshment (water, wine, beer or lemonade)

The inspiration for each menu is taken from the rich Belgian cuisine. In case you have some simple dietary wishes, we are glad to support them. We request you to provide required information to our cook at least two weeks before departure. Any special preferences? Our cook always is willing to take your advice.

Half board

Every night you are free to enter the harbour town for your own gastronomic discoveries. The local specialities offered in many good restaurants will amaze you. Your ships hosts can give plenty of advise! Served breakfast and lunches are similar to the full board arrangement In co-ordination with the cook, a takeaway lunch can be prepared for those days you want to take lunch during some sightseeing off-board. Tea and Coffee is served between the meals around 10:30 and 15:30. A well-filled fridge is at your disposal, for additional wishes. These consumptions are charged on “honour” basis. Your stay aboard includes full service. The crew takes care of all domestic duties, both during and after the journey. We only request you take responsibility of your own cabin during the journey.