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Barge cruise in the Ardennes?

I love the Ardennes! I can race through the woods there. There are sticks everywhere to gnaw. And wow… so many smells… But is there water in the Ardennes, Noty? Yeah! Lots of water, with those rocks to jump over. And brrr… that water’s pretty cold. Sometimes this water goes very quickly from top to.. read more →

Are you going on a barge cruise through Belgian Limburg?

Soon we will be allowed to invite guests on board again, yay! It’s quite nice in our home port of Oudenaarde. However, I now know every blade of grass by its first and last name. Do you recognize that feeling? Does it it itch to book a summer vacation? I am the ship’s dog of.. read more →

Barge cruise in Belgium… are you going to let yourself be taken in the boat?

Is a boating vacation in Belgium a good travel tip for you? It’s spring. Everywhere you can smell the flowers, hear the croaking of the frogs and see the ducklings frolicking in the water… In the grass there are seductive scents of bitches, who are looking for a nice friend to play together in the.. read more →

About carpentry, furnishing and… the baptism of the new De 4 Vaargetijden!

The cabins are taking shape. The inner walls are coming into place! When my paws hurt at the end of my previous story, I gave you a riddle. So, did you solve it? Difficult, huh? Well, how can you make upright walls and hang the doors in a ship? A spirit level or a plumb.. read more →

How the cargo ship becomes a hotel ship…

Which preceded: Shall I summarize 6 months of hard work? They searched for a ship, found a wreckage, replaced the hull, did some more painting… and done! Or would you rather hear the whole story? You can read it in my previous blog and the continuation blog… A boat is only a ship when it.. read more →