De 4 Vaargetijden - F: Tournai tour

F: Tournai tour

During this 5-days tour you will get samples from cultural cities from both sides of the language border. Start with the historical tapestries of Oudenaarde. It will also show off with a beautiful collection of silver. Next comes Kortrijk, the Groeninge City, a title derived from the Battle of the Golden Spurs on 11 July 1302.  You can enjoy the heritage of the past with unique UNESCO world heritage sites: the sober Beguinage and the delightful Belfry on the Grote Markt. Tournai, with its 100 towers and 1000 bells, claims to be the oldest city of Belgium. The Tournaisians are rightly proud of having one of Belgium’s oldest and most beautiful belfries.

Do you like to pair biking with barging? On this tour you will find nice signposted trails in the Flemish part of this tour. But you will need some map reading skills too, because signposted bike routes are scarce in the Walloon part of the tour. The hilly landscape around Tournai will by times also be challenging for the untrained bikers.

  • mo: Oudenaarde welcome ca 19.00, beautiful mediaeval city, known for wall carpets
  • tu: Zwevegem swimming, fishing or visit Kortrijk
  • we: Tournai Belgians most ancient city
  • th: Oudenaarde cultural city and visit also archaeological Ename
  • fr: Oudenaarde goodbye ca 10.00
Midweek naar Tournai


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