De 4 Vaargetijden - I: Nature tour

I: Nature tour

On this tour you will explore the area near the border with The Netherlands. Beautiful landscapes everywhere, with cosy villages and charming cities. Teasing local specialties in every village. This is a real paradise for bikers. Well indicated bike paths in all directions. All ages will enjoy it!.
  • fr: Maasmechelen welcome ca 19.00, mining history with garden villages, outlet shopping
  • sa: Bree typical Maasland church and mansions, cosy shopping city
  • su: Neerpelt charming shopping city with a large natural preserve around the river Dommel
  • mo:Turnhout combination of culture and shopping, beguinage, castle and playing cards
  • tu: Turnhout extra day for visits, biking or hiking       
  • we: St Huibrechts Lileauthentic windmill, biking and walking paradise
  • th: Rekem old castle-village and walking the borders of the Old Maas
  • fr: Maasmechelen return and goodbye ca 10.00
Route Natuurtocht in Limburg

route I

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